Microphone Fundraiser

If you want to support with a one-time donation towards a specific goal, I am currently looking to buy a mic to be able to make better videos!

So I can catch those cozy relaxing ASMR crafting sounds, nature sounds without as much wind noise, and record voiceovers.

It does feel wrong to be asking for support when there is so many other more important causes out there. I have very mixed feelings about asking.
But I decided that I don’t want to wait anymore, I want to grow and reach new goals, so I will put it out here and if anyone wants to contribute I will be very grateful!

The mic I’m looking to buy is:

RØDE VideoMic Pro+ (288 USD).
And RØDE Windshield (67 USD).

Choose your amount.
Processed via Stripe card payments.

To keep updated about the fundraiser you can check my Ko-Fi page.
Thank you all immensely!