VIDEO: How to make Paper Clay/Papier Maché

245 SEK

This video tutorial is 10 minutes long with detailed instructions and a (computer generated) voice-over reading the subtitles out loud. In this video I make the papier maché from scratch and also roll it out and use it inside a mold and paint it. The papier mache can also be used on top of a base, but it is not suitable to sculpt with on it’s own. The video is mostly real-time footage, sometimes sped up.

This tutorial can also be accessed via my Patreon page, here.
For an even more detailed explanation of the process, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and more, you can check out the PDF version of this tutorial.

This is a non-refundable item. This tutorial is for personal use only. It may not be resold, reproduced or redistributed commercially. If you use the tutorial I would love to see what you make with it! You can tag me at social media with @nymla
Thank you!

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