PDF: How to make a Face Cast

295 SEK

33 pages and ca 50 photos. Covers, in great detail and many photos, how to make a more advance face cast using lifecasting alginate plus plaster bandages.
It also covers, with a few photos and a fairly detailed description, how to make a face cast using only plaster bandages.
I also show you how I made my simple sculpting easel to use with the face cast. A face cast is very handy to have when sculpting/making masks.

This tutorial can also be accessed via my Patreon page, here.

This is a non-refundable item. This tutorial is for personal use only. It may not be resold, reproduced or redistributed commercially. If you use the tutorial I would love to see what you make with it! You can tag me at social media with @nymla
Thank you!

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