Lidded Gourd Jar with Toad Guardian

5000 SEK

Handbuilt/sculpted stoneware ceramics.
Jar with a lid, in the shape of a pumpkin/gourd, with a friendly little toad living on the lid. This toad has promised to guard whatever you place in the jar.

The largest pumpkin I have made so far!
Matte yellow/brown glaze and glossy speckled white on the inside.

There is a faint arrow shape on the “gallery” of the jar, it’s a bit hard to see at first, but it points to where the toad sits, so you can more easily place the lid in the right position.

Please note (and look at the last five photos):

  • On the inside of the lid is a small surface crack, which does not affect the function of the lid or jar.
  • On the outside of the jar is a crack that I have filled in with epoxy to make it stronger – it does not go through to the inside. Because of the epoxy, I recommend to handwash it.
  • On the inside of the same place there is a small surface crack, which does not go all the way through the pumpkin wall. So it is still intact and food safe.

Size: Ca 24 cm in width (ca 9.5 inches).
Weight: Ca 2 kg (4.4 lb).
Food safe. Handwashing.

Out of stock

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