Kurbits Petro-Moose Sculpture

1680 SEK

Sculpted with earthenware ceramics, unglazed, stamped and burnished surface.
A little moose lady with a total length of 19cm (7.5 in) and weight of ca 500 grams.

Note that it has a thin little crack on one side, as seen in the last photo.

This sculpture is based on the moose petroglyphs found at Nämforsen, Sweden – the red/brown color is reminiscent of the red paint used to fill in the rock carvings. To me, this sculpture is a moose mama. On it’s belly is a decorative stamped pattern inspired by the “kurbits” style, often seen in Dalarna in Sweden. There you also find the traditional craft of the so called “dalahäst” (dala-horse), which are horses carved of wood and painted with the kurbits patterns.
So I present to you, a petroglyph dala-moose.

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