Follow along on my creative journey with clay and ceramics, via Patreon!

Inspired by nature and wildlife, history, folklore and folkart – I handbuild my projects with sculpting, pinching, coiling, rolling – no wheel (so far).

I work from my small home studio in Sweden and fire my ceramics in a communal electric kiln, sometimes I fire in an actual fire in a pit in the ground! I love experimenting, coming up with new ideas, trying new techniques and I hope you will find it interesting and inspiring.


$1 – The Pillars of Support

All members can hang with me behind the scenes using Patron Only Instagram Stories!
(Message me your IG handle after pledging and I will add you to the “close friends list”.)
$3 – Cabinet of Curiosities

Here you find most of my posts! I share whatever I’m up to in my little studio, through photos, videos, how-to guides/tutorials etc.

I often post short videos on my social media and longer, more detailed, informative and sometimes narrated versions, sometimes early access, on Patreon.

I don’t post once per month but whenever there is something to share.

Plus previous rewards.

$10 – Seasonal Print Collector

Once per season (Dec, March, June, Sept) you will get to vote in a photo poll and then receive a high quality print to your real life snailbox, sent in extra thoughtful wrapping.

The print is A6 size (ca 10×15 cm/5.1×5.8 in) and has a matte finish that prevents glaring – title/info and signed on the back. Mainly nature photography, sometimes featuring my creations. Please make sure your address is up to date!
After the voting and shipping to Patrons, the prints may also be sold separately in my webshop.

Plus all other rewards.

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My sincere thanks for supporting me and my crafts! <3